Back to basics, but sustainably

Fashion basics that meet basic sustainability standards.

Choosing to build a sustainable and ethical wardrobe can often be an overwhelming task. Whether it is not knowing where to look, whom to trust or the not so pocket-friendly price tag that may come with it. However, as we continue to learn the true human and environmental cost of fast fashion, we must make more conscious fashion choices.

An easy place to start is your wardrobe staples. The next time you need a basic black/white t-shirt, make an investment. Choose a good quality, sustainability sourced and ethically made t-shirt. It will not only last you a really long time but will also save you money in the long run. A sustainable fashion choice can also help reduce your individual carbon footprint while supporting fairer pay and practices across the global fashion value chain. Also, a good t-shirt never goes out of fashion!

So, here are my top picks for sustainability certified fashion brands, to help you pick your sustainable basics:

  1. Zola Amour

Zola Amour is a UK based slow fashion brand. Each piece is handmade to order, to reduce waste. Zola Amour believes in supply chain transparency and also supports local producers with 80% of their fabrics knitted in the UK.

The Softest T-shirt ( Source:

Product: The Softest T-shirt

Price: £45

Colour: White/Black

Composition: OEKO-TEX bamboo/ GOTS organic cotton

Production: Handmade in Warwickshire, United Kingdom (made to order)

Certifications: Vegan, Organic materials, Plastic-free


2. Avani Apparel

Avani Apparel is a Switzerland based sustainable clothing brand and procure only local, ecological and traceable materials. Avani Apparel has integrated blockchain technology within its collections, which allows you to verify its environmental sustainability and traceability.

T-shirt Jasmin White (Source:

Product: T-shirt Jasmin white

Price: £65

Colour: White/Black

Composition: 100% Tencel

Production: Swiss design, made in France

Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100



SABBINA is a female-led sustainable lifestyle brand, based in the UK. All SABBINA garments are produced using only natural fibres and small scale production. Also, SABBINA operates in a circular closed-loop system. This means your t-shirt can simply be sent back to the factory once you no longer want or need it and they will recycle it.

Stronger Together T-shirt (Source:

Product: Stronger Together T-Shirt

Price: £39

Colour: White

Composition: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Certifications: Vegan, Organic materials, Plastic-free

Production: Europe


4. Origin Africa

Origin Africa is a UK based 100% not-for-profit fashion brand. Origin Africa uses all their profits to support social enterprises in Africa that support causes such as improving healthcare and female empowerment.

Unisex Organic Tee — Mask (Source:

Product: Unisex Organic Tee — Mask

Price: £29.95

Colour: White/Black

Composition: 100% Organic Cotton

Certifications: Vegan, Organic materials, Plastic-free


5. Know The Origin

Know The Origin is a UK based sustainable clothing brand. The brand rigorously works towards improving sustainability standards and transparency across the global fashion supply chain.

Poppy Organic T-shirt (Source:

Product: Poppy Organic T-shirt

Price: £22

Colour: White/Black/Cornflower Blue/Jade Green

Composition: 100% organic Fairtrade Cotton

Certifications: Vegan, Modern Slavery Prevention, Eco-friendly materials


I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know some of your favourite sustainable fashion brands in the comments below!



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